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Finding the Right Tipper for You!

Finding the Right Tipper for You!Have you been looking at purchasing a speciality commercial vehicle? Does your speciality vehicle need to have a tipper purpose built with it? Perkins Commercial Services is the tipper for Sale Company you will want to see for any tipper style vehicles. They are not only the UK’s No 1 supplier but they also have an extensive range of vehicles for you to choose from no matter what your industry.

There are a lot of options available in tipper style vehicles, anything from standard panels vans to more specialist waste management type of vehicles, along with drop side trucks to name just a few. Many industries require these speciality vehicles to make their job that much easier. Whether you are a dog warden, clinical waste specialist, pest controller, waste management specialist or needing this vehicle for another industry you will need to find the right tipper for sale for you.

Many companies will have the facilities to offer you a finance option when purchasing your new or used tipper for sale and it will not matter if you are a private or a commercial user so you don’t have to worry about coming up with all the money up front and it may give you the option of getting a tipper that is a much later model or lower miles than you anticipated.

What to consider before buying your Tipper

  • You need to think of the practical reasons to buying a new vehicle to start with. This way you will be buying the right type of vehicle for the right reasons.
  • Consider the type of jobs you will be undertaking while you own this vehicle
  • Are you buying the right sized vehicle for the work you do and can it cope with the size and weight of what you need to load in to it?
  • Will you trade in your old vehicle, can you pay a deposit and finance the rest of it or can you buy it outright?

There are a lot of options and factors to consider when thinking about buying a new or replacing an existing tipper. It pays to work through these options beforehand to ensure you buy the right tipper for sale for the purposes you need.

Some companies have the facilities to specially customise your new vehicle before you drive it away. By doing this it will ensure you will stand out from the crowd. They can promote your business through advertising on the vehicle and then deliver it direct to you once it is all ready to go.

Perkins Commercial Services

To ensure you get the right advice and the right price when you purchase your next tipper for sale is as simple as contacting Perkins Commercial Services who will point you in the right direction. They have over 45 years of body building and commercial vehicle sales experience that they can show you the right vehicle the first time, no need to waste time hunting around and have a fantastic selection of vehicles to choose from.